Brandon McKelvey


With over 150 lawsuits resolved, I specialize in mediating employment disputes, offering a nontraditional approach that intertwines active listening, emotional intelligence, and creative negotiation exercises designed to remove obstacles encountered in mediation.

I became a mediator after experiencing over 700 mediations as a litigator and a frequent customer of many different ADR providers. Wired as an entrepreneur but trained as a lawyer, I envisioned ways to improve the mediation experience beyond number shuffling. 

The inspiration behind M Resolution stems from my eclectic professional career, which was a diverse blend of business and legal experiences in the employment arena: 

  • Working as a lawyer on both sides of employment disputes
  • Serving as a partner in a large international employment defense firm
  • Representing hundreds of businesses in complex employment litigation including handling multiple federal and state appeals
  • Launching and growing a boutique employment defense firm serving small and mid-size businesses
  • Co-founding, building, and running a start-up legal compliance business
  • Serving in several C-suite roles for multiple businesses
  • Advising over one thousand business owners and executives
  • Completing advanced training in emotional intelligence, relational wisdom, and peacemaking

This fusion of business and legal experiences leads to a mediation that blends the realms of law and enterprise to imaginatively resolve employment disputes.

As the founder of M Resolution, I lead a team committed to redefining the mediation experience. We approach each mediation as a unique puzzle and custom craft a strategy for mediation that empowers all sides of a dispute with options. Meanwhile, we are constantly trying to improve the mediation experience for all mediation participants and are one of the first resolution companies to offer lunch to Zoom participants, champagne to celebrate a settlement, priority scheduling, and a streamlined process to address claims of financial distress. 

"Brandon has outstanding knowledge of employment law, is well-prepared, and has the ability to connect with and build trust with both sides."



  • Wage and hour class, collective, and PAGA actions
  • Complex class and PAGA actions involving multiple parties, lawsuits, or top filers
  • High stakes single-plaintiff employment cases with six figure and above potential
  • Individual lawsuits involving high-level executives, celebrities, or media attention
  • Lawsuits involving joint employers, co-defendants, or temp staffing
  • Multi-state or multi-district class or collective actions or mass arbitrations
  • Cases involving complex financial distress scenarios
  • Lawsuits that previously failed mediation


Emotional intelligence is at the core of everything Brandon does.

Emotional intelligence is one of the most underrated and overlooked characteristics of a good mediator. Negotiations are built on trust and emotional intelligence is the foundation of trust. Yet so many mediators neglect emotional intelligence. In a 5-part series, Brandon explores the various ways EI can enhance mediation.


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