Doug Leach


With over 30 years of combined business, negotiation, and legal experience, I seek creative and specialized ways to resolve individual, class, and PAGA wage and hour actions.

In mediation I blend my executive leadership background in the tech space with my legal experience from hundreds of wage and hour lawsuits to help parties settle challenging cases. With decades of experience negotiating in various settings, including winning a world negotiation competition, I am passionate about using innovative negotiation tools designed to improve the negotiation experience and remove obstacles to settlement.

In mediation, I utilize active listening skills developed throughout a long career launching and growing start-up organizations, leading organizational design and employee development programs, expanding and integrating business systems through mergers and acquisitions, and managing numerous wage and hour cases from inception to completion.  As an executive, I built high-performance teams, coached and developed hundreds of employees, and effectively developed a culture of collaboration, accountability, trust, and respect.  I use all these skills at mediation to nurture an environment that facilitates settlement and reduces the pain of traditional negotiation.

I became a mediator after recognizing that the intersection of my business, leadership, negotiations, and employment law experiences gives me a blend of life experiences uniquely built for mediation.  My foundational business and organizational design knowledge, enthusiasm for innovation and technology, and employment law experience help me guide individuals and organizations through the mediation process in creative ways and pave a path to resolution.

At M Resolution, I am part of a team that is committed to redefining the mediation experience.  My entire career has been devoted to continuous improvement, innovation, and empowerment.  Mediation provides a forum to improve the way parties experience dispute resolution and the ability to empower organizations, employees/individuals, and businesses to make the best decisions possible under some of the most difficult circumstances. 

"Doug is one of the most capable people I have ever met. He has been, and will be, an asset to any organization lucky enough to have him."



  • Wage/Hour Counsel and Director of Business Systems
  • Over two decades of executive leadership and organizational design experience in Fortune 100 tech company
  • Subject matter expert on people management, business operations, and organizational data
  • Internationally recognized in negotiations and conflict resolution
  • Currently serving on the SCBA Labor & Employment Executive Committee

(916) 382-0383


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